US Institutional Equity Trading 2019 - Six Part Series Bundle

Larry Tabb, Campbell Peters, Elyse Gerard
September 16, 2019
Research Type:
Interview Based Study
Executive Summary

For TABB Group’s 15th annual Institutional Equity Trading (IET) report, we interviewed heads of trading at 92 buy-side firms in the first and second quarters of 2019. The results were published in a series of six reports.

  • Part I, “Liquidity: Blocks, Algos, Analytics, and Impact”, we reviewed buy-side views on liquidity, as well as usage and trends pertaining to volatility, block trading, conditional orders, central risk books, algorithmic execution, algo wheels, TCA, and performance measurement.
  • Part II, “Trends: Is Active Management an Endangered Species?”, it covers the high-level trends, including information on commissions, rates, order flow, buy-side priorities, the most widely used brokers, and more.
  • Part III, “Broker League Tables” this 34 slide deck focuses on the discussions about the buy-side firms’ top brokers across various categories, including high- and low-touch coverage, electronic and non-electronic blocks, capital commitment, execution consultants/market color, trading analytics, market structure, actionable IOIs, and research.
  • Part IV, “Market Structure: A Buy-Side Perspective”, we reviewed buy-side views on the effects of forthcoming equity trading venues, the transaction fee pilot, new Rule 606 reporting requirements, closing auctions, and the cost of market data.
  • Part V, “Unbundling: How Charging for Content Is Reshaping Asset Management”,  looks at the impact of research unbundling on the US financial markets ecosystem.
  • Part VI, “Technology: Products and Trends”, we reviewed buy-side preferences for third party technology products and views on broker algos, algo wheels, proprietary algos, AI, and machine learning.

The bundle contains all six reports.

Areas of Interest
  • Equities
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