Adapting to Unbundling: How Unbundling is Redefining Research Tech

Larry Tabb, Elyse Gerard
January 31, 2019
Research Type:
Interview Based Study
Executive Summary

All institutional money managers will need to adapt to fee pressures and unbundling, but fundamentally based firms that leverage outside content for their investment decisions will be hit the hardest. Downward revenue pressures will drive brokers to charge for virtually every conceivable service. If the buy side does not begin to more tightly track and analyze its broker interactions and research usage, firms will be at a loss when presented with a bill. As a result, the research management system is becoming the new platform for any buy-side firm consuming third-party investment services. This exclusive interview-based study looks at the development of a whole new class of buy-side technology.

Areas of Interest
  • Equities
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