Blockchain: Saved by the Enterprise

Terry Roche
July 26, 2017
Research Type:
Focus Note
Executive Summary

Blockchain aka Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) have the power to transform the most fundamental foundation of capital markets: the transaction. But for DLT to transform the capital markets ecosystem, it will need to operate within that ecosystem. For the capital markets to fully embrace the technology, DLT providers need to embrace enterprise technology, creating an ecosystem of functionality, according to TABB Group’s latest research.

This research reviews:
  • DLT and Enterprise Tech: A Necessary Marriage
  • Enterprise Technology Platforms Come to the Rescue
  • Integration: The Once and Future King
  • The Reality of Many Chains
  • The Data from DLT’s
  • Avoiding DLT’s Becoming the New Silo’s
  • The (Re)New(ed) Need for Enterprise Data Management
  • Chains are Not Databases
  • Innovations from the Enterprise Providers
  • Mind the Gaps (Don’t Avoid Them)
Areas of Interest
  • FinTech
USD $5,000.00
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